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The Invention of Lying

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User rating: July 10, 2010

meh not very funny ok

User rating: January 21, 2010

loved it great flick

User rating: January 10, 2010

Fantastic film. I'd like to assume that the negative reviews are people who had unbiased dislike of the movie, but I have a feeling a lot of them are people who were offended by the unapologetic Atheist nature of the story. Religious people are funny that way. Not as funny as this movie though. Two thumbs up!

User rating: January 3, 2010

Ricky Gervais' outrageously funny satire of the human condition proved too bitter and cynical for mainstream audiences, but anyone who has ever found themselves on the outside looking in will find much to appreciate here. "The Sermon of the Pizza Boxes" is a comic gem!!! 4/5

User rating: November 10, 2009

Wow, fabulous. While an understanding of the satyrical nature of the movie, a basic understanding of religion, and a desire to ponder the meaning of life is necessary to "get" this movie, it was beyond fabulous!

User rating: November 8, 2009

while funny at times, the movie drags on and on - - despite being only 92 minutes, it felt like 3.5 hours. Good performances by all teh cast, especially Garner. However, the movie felt a bit disjointed, which was distracting. Overall, a dissapointment.

User rating: November 6, 2009

Very refreshing, different and well written and acted. Stirs the mind and makes you think about what you really believe in.

User rating: November 5, 2009

BORING! Got lured in by Ricky Gervais and his last movie which I really liked. Don't know what happened here - theme had lots of potential - virtually none of it was met.

User rating: October 31, 2009

Very romanticized version of religion (no I'm not being sarcastic). The idea that it originates from the need to comfort oneself from, well, the world, is all very nice, but really it had a lot more to do with power structure and control. Make up stories and rules not to make people feel better but to control them. This is religion in a nutshell. Still, I really enjoyed the movie. For something called "The Invention of Lying" it has a whole lot of truth to it.

User rating: October 28, 2009

Great twist on the meaning of life.