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User rating: September 2, 2020

This movie has gotten through some really hard times in my life. When ever I need a pick me up I put it on. It never gets old. I Love it!

User rating: September 16, 2016

Hilarious madcap adventure. Tucci & Platt are excellent together. I love their scene together in the bakery. Platt's scene with the old wrestler is not to be missed. Hysterical. Also, Campbell Scott is delicious in his pursuit of "Lily". My husband and I love this movie! It's one of very few he is willing to watch again. Don't miss this one!

User rating: July 3, 2012

i find it very interesting with all the delains by cheney and bush and cia regarding this subject and americans dont torture that this film was released in 2007 which means the idea for and the production of the movie happened a lot earlier than it was released .one has to wonder where they got the idea and information to create this

User rating: February 14, 2009

Intelligent, funny, quirky, and oh so ironic! A wonderful movie!

User rating: July 14, 2008

this is a AWSOME movie i love it keep up the great work guys

User rating: March 26, 2005

i just love this movie. the idea in general, the performances are brilliant and they have the best sense of humor. stanley tucci rocks. man, i`m dying to work with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!