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The History of Love

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User rating: September 24, 2017

This is a lovely, unforgettable story. Once in ten years the film industry surprises viewers who have already given up on the film industry, from which one can only expect trash where car explode and blood oozes from dead bodies, preferentially naked. Ups, I almost forgot to mention that in the same kind of movies there must be a high concentration of four-letter words and the N-word must be repeated several times. This is not one of such movies. This is a movie of the same caliber as "Sunshine", "Everything is Illuminated" and Schindler's List". Bravo. It is not as significant a movie and will not going to make as much money as Schindler's list because this is story of only one family and not of the whole Jewish population of the 20th century. Nevertheless, everybody who is fed up with the nonsense Hollywood has produced lately can now enjoy, after a long hiatus, a breath of fresh air.