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The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

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User rating: 3.8

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User rating: April 10, 2010


User rating: May 28, 2009

I have never seen a movie as dumb as this before. Here you will find a movie that should have never even been made. It only promotes ignorance in this worn out series. If I never see it again, it will be to soon.

User rating: November 8, 2008

Liked it, but didnt really seem to continue from the first two "Fast and Furious"... the cars are so much better in this one though!!!

User rating: April 29, 2007

it was sooo awesome=)

User rating: November 25, 2006

the best fast and the furious yet -dan c-

User rating: November 23, 2006

I looovvveee the movie so much because my baby Shad Gregory Moss (a.k.a)Bowwow. So nobody can not have my baby because non of these girls is good enough 4 him but me. He is going to be my babydaddy. But most of all it is a very good movie. Please come out with another movie like that again.

User rating: November 21, 2006

it was awesome it was way better then the first 2

User rating: November 13, 2006

i wanna move to japan

User rating: November 13, 2006

Wow, there`s 2 hours of my life I`ll never get back. Bad script, horrible acting, and just down right stupid. Even though i had passes to go I still feel cheated. After watching this piece of crap I wish I had a mosnter truck such that I could run over everybody that drives these types of cars along with them in it.

User rating: October 20, 2006

Incredible job. Great for a tween boy. Especially nice that there wasn`t outright sex and language. The took a great deal of time to pay homage to the original drifter...I didn`t realize this stuff was real.