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The Case For Heaven

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In Theaters: April 4, 2022

Documentary, Other

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User rating: 2.03

Based on 64 votes and 25 reviews.

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User rating: April 11, 2022

There was no testimony of heaven and what heaven would be like. No visuals. So it didn't answer anything. The testimony of hell doesn't match what the Bible says. I would not recommend this movie for unbelievers because it didn't have any Hope in it.

User rating: April 8, 2022

I am sorry to say that I was very disappointed with this movie. As others have mentioned, it lacked fluidity and left viewers with a feeling of confusion about what was trying to be conveyed rather than convincing the audience of the reality and presence of a heaven. Perhaps the book will be more coherent and convincing. Specific complaints: Francis Chan piece added nothing, too much about Lee’s life with no apparent connection to the purpose (proving the existence of heaven), singer/songwriter who’s turned away from God, cartoon depiction of hell (sorry, Mani, but this is 2022–with all the technology available, viewers expect more), and the audio and visual were not properly aligned. I am sure there were other things, but it’s been a few days since I saw it and don’t remember.

User rating: April 7, 2022

A little bit disappointing.

User rating: April 7, 2022

Save your money there are better Christian movies on pureflix.

User rating: April 7, 2022

We wanted so bad to like this movie but it was very hard to follow. It didn’t make a case for Heaven at all! Instead it made us really shake our heads and try to figure out what in the world the film makers were trying to make a case about. The sound was off and didn’t match the peoples lips it was really distracting and embarrassing that his even made into theatre’s. It needed much more polishing and thought put into it before being released to the public. The best parts were the interviews with people who had near death experiences and they should have went further into those cases by interviewing eye witnesses, doctors, nurses, family members etc. The hawk Nelson singer story made no sense at all I don’t even know why his interview was allowed into this film. Maybe they were trying to show what happens to unbelievers after they die because the next segment went into talking about a near death experience about hell? Who knows it was really odd. We were very disappointed in this movie we brought our whole family including our son who does not like Christian movies and we really wished it would of been better.

User rating: April 7, 2022

We were excited to go see the movie, being devout Christians. First the sound was off and didn’t match the lips that were speaking. It started off repeating the same phrase three times and never really got going. The interviews were all over the place and the conversation with the former lead singer of Hawk Nelson left us scratching our head and thinking “should I be doubting my faith?” We were going to bring our wandering daughter but praised God we didn’t!! Most of the testimonies were retold from Lee with cartoon illustrations instead of the actual people with actual doctors who witnessed the people who had died and brought back. It was basically all over the board with random interviews that were irrelevant to the topic. Such a disappointment and so sorry we spent $26 to see it. I’ve never been so disappointed in a “Christian” movie. Stick with the books Lee. The producer claimed to be a Christian yet lacked the ability to turn these stories into something seekers and Christians at all levels could appreciate.

User rating: April 7, 2022

I brought a group with me to see this movie hoping it would give hope for those that have experienced loss. Instead they said they felt heavy after the movie and disappointed that it didn’t really discuss Heaven. It was all over the place with random interviews. I think the movie itself was ok, but the title should not have been The Case for Heaven.

User rating: April 6, 2022

This movie had perhaps 3 segments that actually talked about heaven and what comes after death. The interviews were boring and mostly irrelevant to the supposed topic. The segment with the former singer of Hawk Nelson was a real head-scratcher, nothing to do with heaven. How Strobel met his wife? Irrelevant. How Palau approached death? Irrelevant. How record producers approached their music? Irrelevant. Francis Chana mom? Irrelevant. Couldn’t wait for it to end.

User rating: April 6, 2022

Didn’t really make a case for heaven. Random people talking about their life.

User rating: April 6, 2022

I never write reviews, but I’ve got to say something here. We were so excited to see this movie. We have respected Lee’s books and love the topic of heaven. This was an artsy mish mash of personal comments, many of which had little to do with heaven. The most disturbing part to me was the amount of time given to the musician who has renounced his Christian faith. Why was that relevant or helpful? I’m so glad we didn’t invite unbelievers to see this with us. Francis Chan is such a powerful speaker, but there was no depth or content to his contribution. The stories about Lee’s childhood and marriage were heartwarming, but again, was it relevant? This movie represents a huge missed opportunity for evangelism and ministry.