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The Call of the Wild

User rating: 4.24 111 Reviews | Write a Review

In Theaters: February 21, 2020

PG | Action, Adventure, Drama, Family | 1h 50m

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User rating: 4.24

Based on 644 votes and 111 reviews.

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User rating: March 12, 2020

I wasn't sure what I was in for judging by the reviews . I was expecting a fake looking CGI dog but I was pleasantly surprised . I wasn't bothered one bit by the imagery , looked pretty real to me . I found the story line very entertaining with a good mix of drama and humor .

User rating: March 12, 2020

Loved the movie, funny and entertaining

User rating: March 12, 2020

Just use real animals and treat them well. Not all movies abuse animals. Do some research people. Besides the fact that working class dogs (and MANY other breeds) love to do what people consider work. Maybe if you have a tiny chihuahua you don’t understand, but if you have many other breeds you know that these dogs love to be challenged and get bored quickly. Herding dogs love to herd. My St. Bernard is happiest when pulling a sled full of kids through the snow. The rules for animals on movie sets are stricter than rules for people.

User rating: March 11, 2020

Even though it was animated,the story line really hits home about the relationship we have with our dogs! How (at times as shown on the movie)are not appreciated as they should be! Very refreshing movie for the whole family(which you dont see very often) Would see it again in a heartbeat!

User rating: March 10, 2020

the dog looked so real and i cried a lot it was so good n a great movie for kids

User rating: March 10, 2020


User rating: March 10, 2020

Great wildlife adventure. I loved everything about it.

User rating: March 9, 2020

Loved it and it inspired me to read the book again. Made me cry, beautiful scenery. Can't believe the dog wasn't real at times!

User rating: March 9, 2020

It is a really good adaptation of one of the books I read as a child. My wife and I really enjoyed it.

User rating: March 8, 2020

very good story. Very relaxing little theater.