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The Brothers Grimsby

User rating: 2.78 14 Reviews | Write a Review

In Theaters: March 5, 2016

R | Action, Adventure, Comedy | 1h 23m

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User rating: 2.78

Based on 46 votes and 14 reviews.

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User rating: July 23, 2016

No one loves a rude and crude movie more than I. However, while one joke about the male anatomy (front and back) may be funny, having a movie full of them, one after another, is not.

User rating: June 23, 2016

Solid action comedy

User rating: April 5, 2016

Great movie for lots of laughs and A few uncomfortable moments of Raunchiness

User rating: March 25, 2016

Double Oscar potential ! Best Movie of 2016 and best actor for Sasha! No doubt this movie will rank up with The Godfather as one of the best films of all time! Movie goers, be sure not to miss this classic gem. Humphrey Bogart step aside, Sasha Cohen has arrived.

User rating: March 24, 2016

Amazing movie!!!

User rating: March 21, 2016

One of the worst movies I've ever seen. It was very disgusting and foul. I never consider walking out of a movie, but I almost did on this one. A total waste of time and money on a Sunday afternoon.

User rating: March 17, 2016

movie was crude

User rating: March 16, 2016

very funny

User rating: March 15, 2016

You know what I like about the multiplexes? When you see a stinker like this, you can shift to another theatre and watch something else. I made it to ten minutes, before leaving. The popcorn was good tho, so I gave it one star.

User rating: March 14, 2016

A 1