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The Blackening

User rating: 3.06 13 Reviews | Write a Review

In Theaters: June 16, 2023

On DVD/Blu-ray: August 22, 2023

R | Comedy, Horror | 1h 37m

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User rating: 3.06

Based on 34 votes and 13 reviews.

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User rating: July 21, 2023

had so much fun watching this movie

User rating: July 8, 2023

I like the educational part of the African American Culture (AAC) that were present, like Black Anthem “Lift every voice and sing. How many people really know that song? The Game itself is away to learn about AAC. It was funny.

User rating: July 6, 2023

It wasn't scary or funny. Vulgar beyond necessary. Way too anti-white racist... Yikes

User rating: July 6, 2023

It wasn't scary or funny. Vulgar beyond necessary. Way too anti-white racist... Yikes

User rating: July 1, 2023

Juneteenth is a Texas holiday! It has been celebrated in The Great Republic since 1865. It belongs to we Texians. That no good horse theif Brandon culturally appropriated it from us and made a mockery of its True meaning. The USA has its own holidays so stay in your own lane.

User rating: June 28, 2023

Suspense, Comedy (horror comedy) Great acting, good cast, sad to see the N word used often and talk of racism. A bit disappointing!

User rating: June 25, 2023

I know I have written once before about the late showtimes to African American movies. Once again, I'm trying to see the blackening. And I can't see the black name till 11:55 PM. The rough am only so tired for this movie. I don't understand why all African American movies are one time always and then late. People at the bottom of work on Monday morning better not time to sit at the movie theater from midnight to 3 o'clock in the morning watching the movie. So I'm once again asking, to have more showtimes for African American movies? Until you do that, I'm gonna keep giving you reviews, bad ones and hope that someone is listening. Please note that i am not rating the movie I am rating the drove in.

User rating: June 25, 2023

The storyline, plot, actors and scenes were excellent!! Bravo to the writers of this movie - it was well done. If you want to laugh a lot - go see this movie - bring some tissue, you will be in tears from laughing! Disclaimer: you do have to be a Black American to understand this movie!

User rating: June 21, 2023

Worst movie I've ever watched. Pure racism. It even implements that certain groups of people should be killed. I'm all for the first amendment but this movie should be banned.

User rating: June 19, 2023

The storyline was great