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The Banger Sisters

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User rating: November 24, 2002

you have to be over 30 to enjoy this and it was cute just cute

User rating: October 20, 2002

Any movie that makes me laugh out loud is #1 in my book. A true "feel good" movie! How can you go wrong with Goldie Hawn and Susan Sarandon.

User rating: October 12, 2002

This movie reminded me of people I do know. I thought it was very funny, and the actors were great!

User rating: October 11, 2002

My mother and I went to see this movie together and we both had a great time, although I had to cover up my mother`s eyes from some of the scenes.

User rating: October 10, 2002

We could have done without the body shots of Goldie Hawn.

User rating: October 5, 2002

It sucked!

User rating: October 5, 2002

a movie that you can relate to. Great

User rating: October 1, 2002

A blast.. I felt very much at home! It`s a chick flick, but it was well done, the similarities were phenomenal those baby boomers out there will relate well to this one. ..

User rating: September 29, 2002

The Banger Sisters remind us of how life use to be, what it has become and where we are. Amazingly funny and right on.

User rating: September 29, 2002

Not an intensely intelligent movie, but so what? It was funny, daring, and dealt with, or perhaps aimed at the aging population of Baby Boomer misfits now trying their hand at raising teen-agers of their own. This was a funny movie and one, perhaps, suited for the `me` generation to watch and get a clue...