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In Theaters: January 20, 2017

On DVD/Blu-ray: April 18, 2017

PG-13 | Thriller | 1h 57m

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User rating: 3.44

Based on 228 votes and 70 reviews.

  • User rating: 76 37.25%
  • User rating: 54 26.47%
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  • User rating: 52 25.49%

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User rating: February 5, 2020

Honestly, I don´t get how people could get bored. I think the cultural warholism with all that generic Marvel crap with CGI mess influenced human brain to the point people lost ability to watch original movies with interesting point and great performances from the actors.

User rating: March 25, 2018

Aside from the good acting this movie is sub par the story is boring and feels incomplete .

User rating: June 15, 2017

There was not a moment of boredom in this movie. I enjoyed it from start to finish.

User rating: May 6, 2017

Very suspenseful, great plot, surprise ending made it worth it

User rating: April 23, 2017

great movie, lots of suspense, well worth the watch

User rating: March 23, 2017

I was so tired and about to fall asleep before the movie even started. I stayed up till the very end. M. Night is back! I like the very last twist which ties something else together! McAvoy needs an award nod big time. My one big issue is I wish we saw ALL the other personalities, not just a handful. Mind you, there were still a lot.

User rating: March 19, 2017

James McAvoy is AMAZING in this movie. His ability to switch between "characters", or more like personalities, is like non-other acting I've ever seen. You have to see this movie. It's officially my favorite movie. If you watch it a 2nd time, you will notice even more details. Watch it!

User rating: March 2, 2017

I believe that this is a real psychological thriller and filled with suspense!Acting was good. I think it will do well.

User rating: February 28, 2017

it was a good thriller and it kept your mind working

User rating: February 26, 2017

Dreadfully slow. Nobody in the theater seemed to like it. A damn shame.