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Spider-Man 3

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In Theaters: May 4, 2007

PG-13 | Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Thriller | 2h 20m

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User rating: 3.07

Based on 9820 votes and 398 reviews.

  • User rating: 473 33.10%
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  • User rating: 398 27.85%

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User rating: June 30, 2007

It lost its originality.

User rating: June 29, 2007

The best of the trilogy! Remember, this is Movie Spider-man--it is a re-imagining of the comic book hero. One must have an open mind when viewing. By the way, I think we have not seen the last of venom.

User rating: June 28, 2007

Enjoyed the movie as I did with the others. Just light entertainment but fun. Enough action to not make you go totally to sleep although a bit more romance than I care for.

User rating: June 28, 2007

This was the best in trilogy. I loved it!! There was action, comedy, romance, drama, and adventure all in 1! 5 Stars!!

User rating: June 16, 2007

There was too much stuff in this movie to make it worth while in seeing. It was too long, with too many characters and hardly any character development, especially of black spiderman/venom. This movie also had some of the most incredibly cheesy moments I have ever seen on film. It was a waste of time.

User rating: June 15, 2007

Great all around it was a nice way to wrap the 3 parts.

User rating: June 10, 2007

greatest movie of all time! the best superhero movie ever!! nonstop action, incredible story, never boring, full of excitement! Superb movie!!

User rating: June 10, 2007

Terrible, just terrible. Venom was in there for 20 minutes, sandman should be known as sad man and come on how many villans turn good

User rating: June 10, 2007

Another great Spiderman movie!!!! I would definitely see it again. The only thing puzzling was the ending will we see a Spiderman 4?

User rating: June 9, 2007

My boys loved it. Not as good as previous Spiderman