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In Theaters: November 27, 2002

Fantasy, Sci-Fi | 1h 39m

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User rating: 3.23

Based on 1242 votes and 59 reviews.

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User rating: December 26, 2008

I like intelligent, thought provoking movies. I really do!! They're pretty much the only movies I like. The one I watched just before Solaris was "Quest for Fire" - which was awesome. Very thought provoking and well done. However - Solars was just horrible. The only thoughts this movie provoked were: a). Why on Earth did I rent this movie? b). I'd kill myself, but I'm afraid I'll "come back" and after to start over at the beginning of this stupid movie". c). Even if you sleep during this movie, it will not be good sleep and your time will still be wasted. d). ???

User rating: December 8, 2005

Read this! This movie is wonderful..plain and simple. If you dislike thinking for yourself, discussing this movie over dinner afterwards, or marvelling at the possibilites a movie like this has to offer, don`t watch it. Go rent Armageddon, order a pizza, and relax. But if you want a brain-teasing, feel-good, guy and/or this movie. I watched it with my brother and my room-mate, then again with my girlfriend. We were explaining little details to each other until we were blue in the face! I`m not normally a big George Clooney fan, but he played the part of a non-nonsense, "I-do-not-have-time-for-this-crap" Dr., who onl

User rating: April 28, 2005

Very good movie. The possiblities for interperetations are endless. It can be almost said the move means to you what life means to you. It is a very well crafted thinking movie, and if you are blessed with an open mind and a healthy dose of patience, this movie will stay with you forever.

User rating: September 5, 2004

I hated it from beginning to end. I still want my money back!

User rating: October 7, 2003

It`s so`s so unclear

User rating: August 13, 2003

Great movie. If you need everything spelled out for you, dont watch it. It does require SOME thought but not as much as Matrix 2..etc. Dont watch this if you didn`t like Vanilla Sky, AI, etc.

User rating: August 4, 2003

Good acting, hard storyline to follow. Not enough action. I found it boring.

User rating: December 12, 2002

I have seen hundreds of movies in my time, some good and some bad. This movie is BY FAR in the top five worst movies I have ever seen. Watching paint dry is more exciting. I guess those who enjoyed this are considered cerebral, I consider them "without a life". To top it off, the acting sucked. The female lead had the same expression all throughout the movie, and the other character kept talking with his hands. I deserve both a refund and a medal for sitting through this BS.

User rating: December 12, 2002


User rating: December 12, 2002

how many times did we have to see that Photoshop-created Solaris? what a joke!!! and how many times can you have a scene with just music in the background and no intelligent dialogue?? Is this a music video or another Vanilla Sky...or both???? [both]