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Snow White & the Huntsman

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User rating: 3.84

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User rating: November 1, 2012

Kristen Stewart is AMAZING in this movie which is sure to become a classic! Just imagine how incredible the Harry films COULD have been if Kristen had been cast instead of Emma!

User rating: November 1, 2012

Kristen Stewart ruins the movie with her mediocre performance. If they cast a different lead it might have been a decent movie.

User rating: September 23, 2012

it sounded like it would be amazing, but it wasn't. only ok.

User rating: September 22, 2012

the worst thing about this movie is how much potential it had and fell short of. the visuals are stunning, and the seamless integration of big name actors onto tiny dwarf bodies was particularly well done-but kristen stewart is her usual cardboard self and chris hemsworth's character, despite being in the title, was essentially useless. charlize theron was the only interesting character of the film.

User rating: September 20, 2012

charlize theron is amazing ,without her this movie is a flop.who made kristen steward an actress?

User rating: September 18, 2012

i was very disappointed, i kept waiting for the action and the movie ended.......and it was 7 years between when she was dead to when she was awakened sad.....

User rating: September 16, 2012

most boring movie ever, bad acting, predictable plot, uninspiring dialogue

User rating: September 9, 2012

i loved this movie, it was awesome. i enjoyed everything it was funny, it was sad, and i liked how everything turned out for the characters in the end. cant wait till part 2.

User rating: September 8, 2012

kristen stewart may finally take home an oscar for her fine work here.

User rating: September 8, 2012

good take on the fairy tale.