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Shaun of the Dead

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In Theaters: September 24, 2004

R | Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy, Horror, Other, Sci-Fi | 1h 39m

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User rating: 3.59

Based on 2213 votes and 59 reviews.

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User rating: January 22, 2011

this was quite a good british movie, funny and scary at the same time

User rating: November 18, 2009

If I could give it 6 stars that would not be enough. hands down the greatest movie ever made. The stick to which all other movies will be measured. if you did not like this movie thats ok cuz you probably will enjoy fried green tomaotoes

User rating: June 3, 2006

Marvellous movie! The ending was bittersweet & touching!

User rating: August 7, 2005

shaun of the dead was amazingly funny..i live in the middle of the united states so it took it a while to get over here but it is now my favorite movie!..nick frost-your a stud muffin! joke!

User rating: April 23, 2005

Awesome movie...4.9 STARS!!!

User rating: March 29, 2005

The film Shaun of the dead is mega grade film!!! I was suprised how the actors were working, I mean the dialoge and the way they move (HWooaahhh!! ZOMBIE) so cool!!!is the dvd out for buying ? If i see the film in the shopping store I buy it, fast!!!!THANKS FOR A SO GOOD MOVIE CU Andreas k. in germany

User rating: December 22, 2004

very funny!!!!

User rating: December 17, 2004

A pretty good spoof of Dawn of the Dead. It has it`s humorous moments but I found this movie to be cheap and tacky. Something that should have gone straight to video, bypassing the big screen. In my opinion, there was too much stupid in this movie

User rating: November 19, 2004

Shaun of the Dead is certainly one of the better films of the year. Clever, sophisticated humour, great acting, sly directing and great British Humour!!! If you are a fan of Keeping up Appearances or Monty Python and the like, this is a film for you... if however, you enjoy Arnold Swartzenegger films or films starring interchangeable teenage female pop stars, you`ll hate it! You`ve been warned!

User rating: November 18, 2004

If you like British humour and zombie`s this is a hit. Anyone who doesnot like it has been raised on too much US movie pablum. Many sight gags, reference to Zombie movies like night of the living dead. Good character development. I liked it better than "Full Monty" as a comedy.