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Shallow Hal

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In Theaters: November 9, 2001

PG-13 | Comedy, Drama, Romance | 1h 54m

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User rating: 4.04

Based on 1372 votes and 52 reviews.

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User rating: February 23, 2015

So well balanced between humour and message. You decide what it is - amazingly it doesnt preach. Maybe some of us are helped with our mid-life crises, and working out who is responsible and what possibilities still await us...

User rating: October 14, 2006

The biggest thing about Shallow Hal is that you`ll forget that Gwenyth Paltrow is playing a fat girl. So I kept on looking at her and Jack Black and thinking they made a weird match. Also when she broke chairs and could make the biggest splash in a pool you have to remember that she`s fat. But with the ending you`ll find some real heart.

User rating: December 30, 2005

When he returned to the Pediatric Burn Unit, I cried so hard I had to close the window so the neighbors wouldn`t hear me. I knew what was going to happen but still wasn`t prepared. I`m a changed man. Really.

User rating: June 7, 2003

I really loved this movie. It was poignant and gives you something to think about. Not just a waste of time.

User rating: January 13, 2003


User rating: September 1, 2002

Pretty funny...and had an EXCELLENT meaning towards the audience...if you`re looking for a light great laugh i definetly would recommend it!!!

User rating: July 9, 2002

i love that movie i think its great not the best couz there

User rating: July 7, 2002

Excellent film. Hilarious. Very warm and heartfelt. I realize that some people were offended by the jokes, but I thought that the film had a message behind all the laughs. Great performance by Jack Black. The energy that he brings to the movie reminds me of Chris Farley, but Black displays a much more "refined manic" energy that Farley. The character development of Hal stuck out the most for me.

User rating: July 5, 2002

I though it was Awesomeand my grandson of six found it to be funney he loved it .

User rating: July 3, 2002

it was good a funny