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User rating: April 3, 2010

It's the best movie.

User rating: October 14, 2006

I think I am one of the few people that even saw this film. If I mention it to anyone, they look at me like I`m stunned. I wasn`t really sure what the film was about when I was going into it, but I liked it. Not one of Al Pacino`s best but definatley worth checking out.

User rating: October 2, 2004

I thought it was a cute film with good cast.

User rating: June 23, 2003

it has a rare flare of humor that most can`t appreciate. its good, and if you pay attention to small details, you`ll notice the lighting supports the plot.

User rating: June 18, 2003

I thought it a great concept that shows a spark of reality, with modern technology and all. What he did (simone) is possible but not to the quality shown in the movie, but its only a matter of time. I enjoyed it as entertainment.

User rating: April 26, 2003

This movie was the worst movie I have ever seen in my entire life. It was boring and had no action. The previews were the best part of the whole movie. Don`t ever watch it and put yourself through that torture. I wouldn`t watch it again if someone paid me to.

User rating: December 9, 2002

I love Al Pacino, and think he did a wonderful job with the role, as usual. But the film pretty much stunk as a whole.

User rating: September 9, 2002

this is how much we believe in hollywood

User rating: September 9, 2002

Al Pacino`s role was believable, I just didn`t feel it was that original considering the content of the film. There was something missing, the beginning there was a great deal of hope, but near the end it was just to fake.

User rating: September 7, 2002

This is the absolute worst movie ever created.