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User rating: October 14, 2006

People that don`t understand legal jargon will still like this film. I don`t really like films that take place in a court room, but I still enjoyed this film. The actos are great, and the story between the jury and the case is pretty good.

User rating: October 6, 2004

It`s too bad that they decided to throw in some gratuitous violence. That wasn`t in the book. The book was so well written and clever -- they should have tried to stick to that instead of changing things that didn`t need to be changed. Disappointing. I don`t know why they don`t let Grisham screenwrite his own books -- when other people get hold of it, they ruin it.

User rating: October 6, 2004

A powerful movie played out through a balance of none of the actors assuming centre stage (superb acting when all of the all star cast know how to take secondary roles to the film itself), also there was a very subtle development of a significant subplot; activism vs/ soft terrorism which reveals what is on America`s mind. This film opens dialogue on not the tried and true perception that justice is blind but rather that our perceptions of justice are blind and this is exampled by the blind juror. A searing portrait of perception in group dynamics and about the true nature of change - in that change takes time; ten years or more to effect cha

User rating: August 29, 2004

This was an exceptionally well-directed, performed movie, and I am sure when I saw it some time ago, that I wondered if one of the actors was Jennifer Beals; was she the young widow? -- Which character did she play?

User rating: February 25, 2004

Who produced this movie, Michael Moore?? Why couldn`t they just leave it alone and follow the book which was about tobacco companies? This is shamelessly an anti-gun advertisement and probably has gun control advocates accross the country drooling all over themselves at the prospect of being able to hold a gun maker lible for somebody using one of their guns for malice. If you make the leap that guns kill people rather than people killing people then you also have to make the leap that cars, food, forks, spoons, and any other inanimate object kills people. Apparently if we follow the gun control lobby ROE for all other inanimate objects t

User rating: November 22, 2003

Awesome movie. I am recommending it to everyone!!!

User rating: November 15, 2003

Absolutely the best movie I have seen since `Green Mile`. Ingenious plot twist,incredible acting,and takes the thought of jury tampering to an all new level.Soooo believable !!!

User rating: November 14, 2003

my friend and i both enjoyed the movie immensely. i would give it ***** rating!!!! it was very well done!! :)

User rating: November 12, 2003

great movie i loved it from start 2 finish.well done 2 everyone that made the movie.

User rating: November 12, 2003

slow and boring!