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Pearl Harbor

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User rating: 4.12

Based on 1284 votes and 81 reviews.

  • User rating: 875 70.68%
  • User rating: 91 7.35%
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  • User rating: 218 17.61%

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User rating: August 25, 2018

The best war movie since INCHON! Aykroyd leads a strong cast into battle.

User rating: February 10, 2018

Too much of silly romance, not enough of badass war scenes.

User rating: November 11, 2011

greatest war movie

User rating: February 28, 2009

Loved the movie!!! Loved JOSH!!!

User rating: July 24, 2008

Way too long and the romantic story was unengaging and dull. Other than the Pearl Harbor attack sequence there is not much to recommend in this movie.

User rating: February 6, 2007

It was really touching and very sad.

User rating: November 21, 2006

i love pearl harbor, im italian, but i think America is beautiful. this is the best film

User rating: November 8, 2006

I think that pearl Harbor was the best movie that I have even seen. when I first seen it I thought that it was ging to be stupied. then I started to get into the movie. I realy liked the movie Pearl Harbor. there were so many good part in the film.

User rating: May 25, 2006

I loved the movie Pearl Harbor it wuz the best movie Josh Hartnett ever made and josh wuz soooo hott!!! in it he wuz the best actor he sooo sexy !!!good job Josh!!!!

User rating: May 25, 2006

pearl harbor was the best movie made in Hawii