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Ocean's Twelve

User rating: 3.81 180 Reviews | Write a Review

In Theaters: December 10, 2004

PG-13 | Action, Adventure, Comedy, Thriller | 2h 5m

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User rating: 3.81

Based on 9606 votes and 180 reviews.

  • User rating: 6132 63.88%
  • User rating: 274 2.85%
  • User rating: 593 6.18%
  • User rating: 400 4.17%
  • User rating: 2200 22.92%

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User rating: October 10, 2011

One of the best sequels ever!

User rating: July 18, 2009

Best one yet!!!

User rating: October 14, 2006

The problem with Ocean`s Twelve was that everyone was expecting something amazing because the first one was amazing. But this one was just not half as good. The cast was the same, but I just did not like it.

User rating: August 15, 2005

Signs that this will be an awful move: 1) The directing makes you seasick. The cameraman must have been having constant seizures throughout the filming. 2) Oceans 11 was already a remake of a Brat Pack movie. Hello? You have the gall to make a sequel to REMAKE? 3) Julia Roberts plays a woman pretending to be Julia Roberts. And she still can`t act the part.

User rating: June 16, 2005

So bad! The previews don`t LIE!

User rating: May 28, 2005

This movie (if you call it that) is probably the worst I have ever seen. The cast was there but it goes to show even your better actors and actresses can`t save a poor picture. The music and sound was terrible it seemed the loudest when dialoge was taking place. The negative comments here are good descriptions about this so called movie. 64& rate this a (5)? Who is kidding who!

User rating: May 26, 2005

Oceans Eleven Was way better than this one but it was still a good movie

User rating: April 25, 2005

Good movie, but not as good as Ocean`s Eleven.

User rating: April 18, 2005

not bad, not great, the first one was better.

User rating: April 11, 2005

Great Movie!!!!!!!!!!! One of the Best! Brad Pitt was great! As usual!