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In Theaters: June 12, 2009

R | Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Thriller | 1h 37m

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User rating: 3.85

Based on 77 votes and 19 reviews.

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User rating: October 16, 2018

The story keeps teasing a big reveal that is pretty obvious early on. The visuals are quite striking. As far as the cesspool that is sci-fi, this rates quite high, but measured against all cinema, pretty boring and aimless, and it thinks its a lot more clever than it is.

User rating: April 7, 2015

very good movie....Sam Rockwell rocks!!!

User rating: October 18, 2013

Excellent movie with great acting

User rating: February 22, 2010

Incredible movie, not your typical "whats going on" movie, very VERY original and well done, alwasys keeps you on the edge and sam rockwell is at the top of his game here. DO NOT LISTEN TO NAY SAYERS! please, trust me. there simply just not mature enough to embrass this film.

User rating: February 1, 2010

Whats wrong with people now a days? 5 stars??????? People are to generous!

User rating: January 16, 2010

Awesome movie. Loved it.

User rating: September 7, 2009

I loved SPACE:1999 too but this movie just doesn't cut it.

User rating: September 6, 2009

I didn't find this funny at all.

User rating: August 26, 2009

I was totally misled when I saw 3 different rating catagories peg this movie fairly high but have to agree with another statement that it is the worst 1 hr and 38 mins of my time I ever spent. There are so many holes in this movie that I almost left after the first 5 to 10 minutes. Watching Space 1999 from the mid 70's had more realism than this movie, but the acting and story line are very good. It was painful to sit through this movie to the end. Ratings fooled my wife & I.

User rating: August 5, 2009

just great