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In Theaters: September 23, 2011

PG-13 | Drama | 2h 14m

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User rating: 4.06

Based on 774 votes and 200 reviews.

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User rating: June 1, 2013

I loved this movie. I remember the year that the A's set that record and it was interesting to see how that season came together. I'm sure there was a dash of 'hollywood' thrown in with the facts, but who cares! The acting was great by everyone. My parents saw it too, the loved it too, and they never watch baseball and would have no clue about any of the characters or the team or anything!

User rating: June 11, 2012

i loved this movie based on a true story. against all odds, a coach finds a new way to select players for his major league baseball team on a small budget and surprises the world with his success

User rating: May 4, 2012

wonderful movie. great performances. great script. see it. p.s. jonah hill should have won the oscar

User rating: February 2, 2012

jonah hill is the best thing ever that happened to brad pitt in this movie. all eyes are on him. the performance of his carrear.

User rating: January 20, 2012

decent movie, but i don't think brad pitt was that great in it..jonah hill deserves more credit for his exellent performance.

User rating: January 14, 2012

It was a good movie. I would recommend it.

User rating: January 13, 2012

You don't have to be a sports fan to enjoy this film. Great acting, great storyline. The baseball fan may notice a few factual errors, but aside from that I entirely enjoyed it.

User rating: January 10, 2012

a bit boring, and I'm a baseball fan.

User rating: January 8, 2012

I thought Brad Pitt is not worthy of an Ocscar nom. It was an interesting movie even for someone like me who hates baseball (but loves Brad Pitt).

User rating: January 8, 2012

I really hate sports movie but Brad Pitt had me at Let's Play Ball.