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Mary Queen of Scots

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In Theaters: December 7, 2018

On DVD/Blu-ray: February 26, 2019

R | Drama | 2h 4m

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User rating: 3.16

Based on 64 votes and 24 reviews.

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User rating: May 29, 2019

Elizabeth was in fact scarred by smallpox. She then started using copious amounts of makeup which contained lead in it. After years of absorbing lead into her body, it is the likely cause of her death. The rest of it is bs

User rating: March 12, 2019

I was very disappointed with this film. There were too many discrepancies between history and this movie. Both queens were inadequately presented. I found it hard to believe that Elizabeth was scarred or that Mary was realistically portrayed. I expected more than this from the reviews and was very disenchanted with the whole movie. Reality took a back seat and even the beautiful costuming couldn’t save it.

User rating: March 5, 2019

Absolutely horrible! First scene is a black guy in ruffles in some important position...there were no blacks in England or EU at that time. Then all PC LGBT inserts; making people gay who wern't. This is one silly PC hack job and should be in the bargain bin the day it was shot. Of course the brainwashed will enjoy this, not knowing how absurd it all is.

User rating: February 19, 2019

Another idiotic politically corrected fake history movie, with black actor dressed up like Sir Walter Raliegh. No negroes were anywhere in the world until the negroes started selling each other to the arabs then to the portuguese first then spaniards back in the late 1500's, after the Spaniards and Portugese ran out of indians having killed most of them in the new world. know a movie is going to be bad when it starts off with a dream sequence; the hallmark of bad direction and bad writing.

User rating: February 17, 2019

Great movie.Depicts the "Brutality " of its time.

User rating: January 26, 2019

A devout Catholic there is no way Mary was enlightened toward homosexuals as Hollywood would have us believe and there is no way she would have welcomed a homosexual man into her Inner Circle. In reality Lord Darnley was suspicious that Mary was having an affair with Riccio, which is why they killed him. Oh my how far Hollywood has strayed from the truth.

User rating: January 17, 2019

There were zero black or even Asian people in Scotland at this time and very very few in England--why are the producers and the BBC always trying to show that black people had important roles in UK history--this spoils the whole movie---they may as well have been using motor cars rather than horses. Also anything LGBT did not play a part in this historical story.

User rating: January 15, 2019

I normally love movies about royals and read a lot of historical novels as a result. This movie strayed too far from factual. I'm weary of the movie industry introducing gay characters (and too often vulgar language) into so many films these days but to do so in a historical film falsely is more than troubling, I'm not at all pleased with what's happening within the film industry these days and I'm beginning to boycott more and more movies as a result. I'm also boycotting more and more actors/actresses because of hateful public political rhetoric which is insulting to half their film viewers. Actors and Actresses should avoid political statements and concentrate on appearing in decent clean-cut films that touch the hearts of everyone without offending anyone.

User rating: January 12, 2019

Superb acting. Fictional history but believable. Great scenery.

User rating: January 7, 2019

Good period piece. I'm sure it had some inaccuracies but the acting was quite good.