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Mamma Mia!

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In Theaters: July 18, 2008

PG-13 | Comedy, Musical, Romance | 1h 48m

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User rating: 4.33

Based on 1356 votes and 274 reviews.

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User rating: September 24, 2018

I'm a huge fan of musicals and always meant to watch this one. I finally had the chance and I hated it. It's beyond cheesy, the storyline is flimsy and after about half an hour, I had to turn the TV off. This is the kind of musical that makes non-musical lovers say See? Musicals are garbage with bad acting and stupid storylines. Which isn't true. Except in this case.

User rating: November 1, 2010

Watched it again and I have to say; Why didn't someone say to Pierce Brosnan - "Mr Brosnan, you are a great actor. We love you. ...but you can't sing and we will dub your voice in the movie." Anyway, besides that, and overacting from Meryl that looks great on stage, but not in a movie, this movie is enjoyable. I think the only reason I don't give it higher stars is that I was lucky enough to see the stage play in New York and it was a million times better on stage.

User rating: September 28, 2010

Two hours of exuberant, musical fun based on the songs of ABBA. Cringe if you must, but your toes will be tapping all the same. I enjoyed three handsome, if vocally challenged, actors each taking turns being confused, surprised, charming and ultimately rising to chivalry. I love a man who can take the micky out of his own persona. Amanda Seyfried as bride-to-be, Sophie is lovely - both visually and vocally.

User rating: December 24, 2009

Best movie ever. so full of joy!!

User rating: March 16, 2009

Love the film, have watched the DVD many times, listen to the soundtrack daily. No the songs aren't sung perfectly but the energy and vibrancy of the cast never fails to give me a boost

User rating: March 8, 2009

this is one of the best i have watched it i do not know how many times it is just great. well done to all,i shall keep watching and singing along than you all for the music. jenny mitchell

User rating: March 4, 2009

I would kill to be in a movie with Dominic Cooper

User rating: February 8, 2009


User rating: January 14, 2009

It's "Detroit Rock City" for Abba fans. 1.5/5

User rating: January 2, 2009

One Of the best entertained movies