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Life Itself

User rating: 3.62 48 Reviews | Write a Review

In Theaters: September 21, 2018

On DVD/Blu-ray: December 18, 2018

R | Drama, Romance | 1h 58m

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User rating: 3.62

Based on 112 votes and 48 reviews.

  • User rating: 34 32.69%
  • User rating: 34 32.69%
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User rating: October 4, 2018

This was one OF THE WORST MOVIES I HAVE SEEN! There was absolutely nothing about it that I enjoyed and another couple sat behind me and their words was "THIS MOVIE IS DISCUSSING". No true words could be said!! Don't waste your time or money. The only award it should receive is the TRASH CAN AWARD!

User rating: October 2, 2018

"We're all part of a greater story" - just like it says in the trailer. What a brilliant movie. Oscar worthy and deserving of more than 5 *****

User rating: October 1, 2018

this was simply filthy so bad language we got up and left 30 minuets into it

User rating: September 30, 2018

Loved everything about it

User rating: September 27, 2018

Great acting. Great director. Great story. Movie was not hard to follow. All you had to do was watch it and the story unfolded perfectly. It has a realism that may not be to everyone's taste as entertainment.

User rating: September 25, 2018

Excellent acting by all performers ! I agree with another reviewer, Antonio has aged very attractive. Also his acting was outstanding! I liked how the story came full circle at the end. I did not expect that.

User rating: September 25, 2018

okay story, long time getting there, did like all the main players though

User rating: September 25, 2018

This was such a convoluted movie that I still,after seeing it two hours ago, haven't figured out what it was about. A movie for the intellectual segment who will say it was great even though they themselves didn't understand it.

User rating: September 25, 2018

OK, I own three Brussels Griffons like FFace in the movie. BUT, I did not know about the dog. The emotional roller coaster, laugh, cry, first loves, betrayal, and on. It is a wonderful movie and oh Antonio, you've aged beautifully. I try to see all movies, this is the one I will see again. Just what I wanted, how they used to make movies.

User rating: September 25, 2018

I loved this movie, an emotional, wonderful movie all about love.