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Ladder 49

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In Theaters: October 1, 2004

PG-13 | Action, Adventure, Drama | 1h 55m

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User rating: 3.9

Based on 8050 votes and 131 reviews.

  • User rating: 5212 65.69%
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User rating: March 10, 2005

I am a firefighter myself and this is the nearest to the real thing as I`ve ever seen. This movie is wounderful. My wife says that it is so hard for her to watch knowing I go through some of the same dangers. I would like to thank the makers of this film as a firefighter.

User rating: March 7, 2005

This movie was soo awesome!! I wish I could buy this if only i had money!! This movie was like sad...i was soo close to crying!! And I never cry!!!

User rating: March 5, 2005

This was a great movie. A lot of excitement and kept you on the edge of your seat during the fire scenes. Exactly what I expected. Brilliant! The only bad thing was the ending, but only because that`s exactly what I didn`t want to happen, but I guess it had to. Still good!

User rating: February 26, 2005

very good movie. it is sad but well worth $8.00 to see i saw it 13 times and i never got board of it. it is not funny but it is a good movie to learn a life of a fire fighter and what they have to go through when fighting a fire. i did not cry. for sure buying it when it comes out.

User rating: February 23, 2005

Ok, so I cried ... a lot. It was completely predictable, but I still enjoyed the movie. The charatcers were believeable, and Joaquin was just wonderful.

User rating: February 19, 2005

Awsome movie...I didn`t cry but it was definately sad!

User rating: February 8, 2005

Totally sad and awesome

User rating: January 30, 2005

It`s the best movie ever.

User rating: January 25, 2005

just fabolous!! i always thought that joaquin phoenix was a great actor , but now i really think he is one of the best!!!! i love it!

User rating: January 24, 2005

AWSOME!!!!!!!!!! ~ It made me cry, I have never seen such a amzing movie in my life. I cant wait for the DVD!.