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Kill Bill: Vol. 1

User rating: 4.38 225 Reviews | Write a Review

In Theaters: October 10, 2003

R | Action, Adventure, Thriller | 1h 51m

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User rating: 4.38

Based on 10403 votes and 225 reviews.

  • User rating: 8337 80.32%
  • User rating: 453 4.36%
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User rating: January 19, 2004

Tarantino makes a kung-fu movie! Better than i could have ever hoped for. This is one of the coolest movies ever made and solidifies Quentin`s place as a film visionary.A fantastical orgy of violence, when i wasn`t laughing hysterically i was shaking my head in wonder.

User rating: January 19, 2004

Kill Bill is one of the best action movie i every sow

User rating: January 6, 2004

Kill Bill is simply the best movie in 2003, one of the best ever...

User rating: January 3, 2004

The Worst Movie I Have Ever Seen,I Don`t Under Stand Why This Movie Was Even Made,Don`t Waste Your Money On It, You`ll Be Regreting It For Your Whole Life.

User rating: January 1, 2004

A brilliant masterpiece. There isn`t much else to say except that Tarantino is a genius and Uma Thurman proves shes one of the best actresses working today

User rating: January 1, 2004

Put your reality filter aside and sit back for a rolicking good movie. Campy, violent and overdone, yes, but visually enervating and Tarantino`s sense of timing is exquisite. Thurman an Liu are the perfect enemies. The fight scene in the Japanese disco was a masterpiece of excess surpassed only by the sublime Thurman vs. Liu fight scene that follows. Can`t wait fo Volume II.

User rating: December 29, 2003

sounds exciting and very good story line!

User rating: December 27, 2003

i think this movie is very unique, i love the way he mixes cartoon with reality...the sound effects, the costumes...they were all amazing. I can`t wait to see the second movie

User rating: December 26, 2003

Kill Bill is thee greatest movie. Taraintino is the greatest director.

User rating: December 24, 2003