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In Theaters: August 21, 2020

PG-13 | Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Drama, Sci-Fi | 2h 49m

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User rating: 4.06

Based on 560 votes and 124 reviews.

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User rating: December 16, 2014

Great movie! Interstellar explains living in 5th dimension, and real space travel possibilities! See it more than once - you will continue to learn and understand!!

User rating: December 12, 2014

I really wanted to like this movie. I forgot how mediocre Matthew McConaughay's acting since he won the Oscar last year. Almost 3 hours of a predictable story. Even IMAX couldn't save it. If I had three thumbs, they would all be down for Interstellar.

User rating: December 12, 2014

This movie is amazing! It can get a bit weird, but in a great way. Movies that make you evaluate your life and ponder the meaning of everything come around only once in a blue moon!

User rating: December 11, 2014

Stunning visuals, imaginative and solid story. Amazing performances.

User rating: December 9, 2014

Is Love the answer? Yes (the Beatles said so). Is there no place like home? Yes (Dorothy said so). Do I like Science Fiction (SF)? Yes. Is this Fiction? Yes. Is there any Science here? No. Therefore, is this SF? No. Is this pseudo-metaphysical nonsense? Yes. There is something I learned in High School English, about when it takes too long to explain something, relevant points get lost. This film is lost, in search of something relevant ... what, I cannot guess.

User rating: December 6, 2014

This Is Not A Hollywood Movie. It's also almost 3 hours. Having said that, this is a masterpiece. Great story, great music/visuals. If you're okay with Not being overloaded with sex, violence, and explosions, you will most likely enjoy this movie.

User rating: December 5, 2014

I am a big fan of Matt M, and after all of the good reviews of this movie, i eagerly went to watch. FRANKLY, i was hugely disappointed, bored out of my mind, and in total disbelief that anybody could possibly give this movie a 4-5 star rating. Downright awfull, and as far as i am concerned, i would give it 0 stars !! Unbelievably boring and an awfull story line !!!

User rating: December 5, 2014

I am a science fiction lover. I just enjoyed this movie 100%. I will see it again and again! The movie is well made it will not disappoint. Go and see it on the big screen. If you see one movie this holiday season let it be this one!! Enjoy!

User rating: December 4, 2014

This movie was well made in many aspects. It isn't a super-hero/chick flick/action packed thriller, but it is everything else, with great quality. See it, really see it and enjoy it.

User rating: December 3, 2014

This movie was overall a good movie, but not for everyone. Some might find it extremely boring as it is deprived of the usual Hollywood action and love scenes and some might find it excellent when they can relate to all the scientific hypothesis being made in the movie. What I liked the most was not knowing where all of this would lead. Every episode make you think and wonder. It is not a movie to watch and relax but a heavier kind. Not the best of Nolan, but definitely original.