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In Theaters: September 8, 2017

On DVD/Blu-ray: January 9, 2018

R | Horror, Thriller | 2h 15m

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User rating: 3.24

Based on 1460 votes and 325 reviews.

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User rating: September 14, 2017

Had lots of scary moments, good CGI. Stephen King's anti-bullying and anti-child sex abuse subplots loud and clear. Missed some of the dialogue because of young kids (about 10yoa ) in row behind me talking. PG-13 graphic violence/child endangerment not R imo. DuWayne, Lakeland,FL

User rating: September 14, 2017

Not as good as all the previews, and top box office hype. Not scary at all, book was better.

User rating: September 14, 2017

The original was good, I don't know why they had to remake it. I didn't think it was as good as all the hype around it. The child actors were good in their roles. Too long.

User rating: September 14, 2017

Very good adaptation (so far) of the original material. Very scary and excellent characterization.

User rating: September 14, 2017

Was not over the top scary like some other movies recently. It had some humorous parts that reminded me of a Freddy Kruger movie and some serious parts that remind me of a old stalker movie like Halloween or Friday the 13th. Either way you look at it, they tried to set it up for all viewers of scary movie types they could. I enjoyed it for what it was and look forward to the sequel.

User rating: September 14, 2017


User rating: September 14, 2017

Scared the hell outta me I read the book years ago and it follows the first half of the book perfectly no wonder Stephen King himself liked this movie very well done I almost sh*t my pants

User rating: September 14, 2017

Was expecting to be scared....instead ended up laughing. Even parts intended to frighten were funny. Quite disappointing.

User rating: September 13, 2017

Good movie. But the crazy mean teens were little off from the movie. I did not like cat part. Still the movie was scary.

User rating: September 13, 2017

Awesome horror movie, it has now become my most favorite horror film and put the conjuring down to second place. Bill Skarsgald as penny wise was a perfect choice, all of the actors did justice to their characters. I can especially guarantee that the young actors in this movie will one day be big names in Hollywood. This is the first horror movie in which I truly felt for the characters, especially young Georgie. Overall., great movie, will definitely buy it on DVD