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Hellboy (2004)

User rating: 4.38 72 Reviews | Write a Review

In Theaters: April 2, 2004

PG-13 | Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller | 2h 5m

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User rating: 4.38

Based on 7167 votes and 72 reviews.

  • User rating: 5712 79.89%
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  • User rating: 835 11.68%

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User rating: March 10, 2018

If only the other Del Torro´s movies were as funny as Hellboy!

User rating: February 21, 2018

I´m not a big fan of movies based on comic books but this one was funny.

User rating: March 5, 2007


User rating: July 12, 2005

It`s cool, faithful to the comic, I really enjoy it.

User rating: July 12, 2005

ilike this film

User rating: January 31, 2005

hellboy is the worst movie base on a comic book

User rating: November 7, 2004

When I go into the theatre to watch a comic book hero come to life, I expect non-stop action. Which was one thing this movie did NOT have. For an action movie, it had very few action scenes and TOO much talking, it`s not a drama, I don`t want that. I mean, if I went in to watch Spiderman and found out it was a rip of Princess Diaries, I would not be very happy. They should have shown Hellboy in more action and more of Liz`s firestarter. Overall, I`ll give this movie ZERO STARS! I have never been so dissapointed by a comic book movie. NEVER!

User rating: September 30, 2004

Hellboy is the worst movie of 20004

User rating: September 13, 2004

Good action movie

User rating: September 4, 2004

Ron Perlman`s performance saved this movie from being really bad. Overall, it was ok and the special effects were somewhat interesting. The storyline was a little too weak, I came out of having more questions than awswers.