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User rating: April 18, 2007

One of the my favourites movies. I was mesmerized by the sort of hesitancy that the characters had, so sad but uplifting. Check out Run Lola Run by Twyker also.

User rating: October 27, 2005

Is the beast film i never see

User rating: October 1, 2004

This movie was gorgeous Classic cinema

User rating: November 3, 2002

Phenominal cinematography, Among Tom Tykwer`s best work.

User rating: October 30, 2002

Beautiful ending, great scenery, incredible cast. Acting was terrific, the tree love scene just blew me away.

User rating: October 23, 2002

Not sure how this could be a 5 star movie like some voted, long boring stretches and who really falls in "love" that fast!!!! The cinematography was the highlight and the actors did the best they could with a script lacking movement.