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Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay

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User rating: 2.77

Based on 1194 votes and 68 reviews.

  • User rating: 129 33.77%
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  • User rating: 178 46.60%

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User rating: August 26, 2008

great movie

User rating: August 3, 2008

Not as good as the 1st one but I gave it a 3***'s

User rating: July 27, 2008

Good for a laugh and over the top at some points...but what can you expect from a movie like this?

User rating: July 16, 2008

bad movie, not even close to the first one

User rating: July 5, 2008

A good idea but just poorly executed

User rating: June 30, 2008

An awesome movie. Not as god as the first, but hilarious

User rating: June 14, 2008


User rating: June 9, 2008

The first half was exceptionally funny. Wanted more Guantanamo Bay action tho! Should have gone right back after they crashed the car and got water boarded for not admitting, then escaped and have Bush turn the reception into a smoke fest. Face it Kumar, she's gone 'cause you gone down and thems the breaks. Good one though. Funnier than Chuck & Larry.

User rating: June 7, 2008

Best Movie Ever!

User rating: June 5, 2008

I dont understand why this movie was given sucha bad review, it was hillarious!!!