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User rating: October 31, 2007


User rating: July 3, 2006

too predictable!!!....H. Ford is too old for the movie !!....this movie wasn`t to bright the viewers we are not that dummy!

User rating: June 24, 2006

Guess it was alright. To tell you the truth, the wife and the kids seemed a little dumb. The wife was horrible at acting but Harrison was great.

User rating: June 12, 2006

below the average!!

User rating: June 10, 2006

i enjoyed the movie, the only thing that disappointed me is that mr. ford lost his touch and that is what drowned the movie.

User rating: June 8, 2006

Awesome movie, I don`t know why it got bad reviews. If you like Harrison Ford kind of`s great

User rating: June 7, 2006

it was a realy good movie

User rating: June 7, 2006

Firewall did not live up to its potential. Harrison Ford at 63 does not work anymore in knockdown drag out fight scenes. Also, why does Harrison borrow a old beater of a car from Cloe (`24`), wherein he has to push the vehicle and tell her to `pop the clutch` to start the car - and after all that we see no shifting of gears. A stupid mechanical flaw, sloppy work. We also move from the Seattle area, across the Coast Mountains to the dry interior in an overnight driving scene (the clunker just keeps rolling), with no information as to why the bad guys need to travel 100 miles or so to a hideout, and no clue as to why we have a major overnight c

User rating: June 6, 2006

I thought it was fantastic on the edge of your seat entertainment in true Harrison Ford fashion-he keeps you guessing all through the movie what is going on. I love Harrison Ford in all his movies and he always plays intense characters which is great to see on screen.

User rating: June 6, 2006