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Faustina: Love and Mercy

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User rating: December 7, 2019

I was really living in this movie. How great is our Lord's love and mercy he shows up on us. Lord we relay on your merciful heart.

User rating: December 7, 2019

feel the love and kindness of our Lord.

User rating: December 2, 2019

Everything about this movie was beautiful. The theatre should be playing it more than just 2 nights. This is something more people need to see. Well done beautiful. God bless all of you who made this happen. Merry Christmas to all. Thank

User rating: October 27, 2019

Wonderful Saintly Person yet like me in life situations. Makes one realize how much God loves us and cares for even those of us who would stray from Him.

User rating: October 24, 2019

Great to have a wholesome true life movie around Halloween to offset all of the horror movies that I can take my children to.