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Dune: Part Two

User rating: 3.71 47 Reviews | Write a Review

In Theaters: March 1, 2024

On DVD/Blu-ray: May 14, 2024

PG-13 | Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Drama, Sci-Fi | 2h 46m

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User rating: 3.71

Based on 160 votes and 47 reviews.

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User rating: April 19, 2024

I asked my wife to go with me & made her watch Dune 1 on DVD before the theater trip for context. She enjoyed Dune 1 (in spite of her initial doubts) and we both were looking forward to Dune 2 in IMAX. Coming out of the theater we both agreed part 2 was dreadful compared to part 1. Jumpy script, disjointed editing and dialogue. We will not waste theater time on 'a future' part 3 & I will be hesitant to waste time watching a part 3 on a small screen. Such a disappointment for both my wife & me. I had to constantly apologize to her all the way home!!!

User rating: April 17, 2024

Having read the books wayyyy back when (as I'm the 1970s) and found them plodding and pedantic I was hoping that a modern movie rendition would add some much needed punch and pizazz to the series. No dice. This thing was dull and boring, and even the cgi couldn't add excitement to a plot that was boring in the 70s...! It appears that all the hype is by gen z viewers and reviewers trying to prove that they themselves have some depth by liking a "classic", but nothing can save this from the dud that it is. Seriously, save yourself some money and hard pass on this (or at least wait until it's free on Netflix, so that you can turn it off after 1/2 hour).

User rating: April 15, 2024

i love it

User rating: April 12, 2024

I loved Denis Villenueve first depiction of Dune in Part I, and I thought Part II was even better! Wow! The sights and epic portrayal was amazing! This is definitely a film you want to see on the big screen with premium screens and sound.

User rating: April 3, 2024

Going to the theater to see it again for the 3rd time! It was that amazing

User rating: April 3, 2024

Better than Part 1 -- can't wait for Part 3!

User rating: April 3, 2024

great special effects!

User rating: March 30, 2024

Acting was superb. Visuals/special effects top notch. I realize it is hard to adapt a book to a movie, especially for those seeing DUNE for the first time. That said: Dune 2 is a mirror of the 2nd book in the DUNE series called DUNE; MESSIAH. The theme of DUNE 2 is that young Paul Atreides finds out he is Indeed, "the ONE." Frank Herbert was VERY descriptive in his books, overtly so IMO. I read the first 3 books over 40 yrs ago and remembered that of the books. Keeping in line with the theme is actually done well, with a few parts "massaged" for the unknown audience to understand. The DUNE saga runs like a soap opera, so it is best to know the characters and watch their emotions/actions in the scenes to pick up on the theme carrying throughout the series. Don't go to the bathroom or get popcorn during the movie as every part is linked to the prior/next. All in all; a unique and great sci-fi well worth following.

User rating: March 30, 2024

I've read all the books. It isn't for people who read Harry Potter for sure. If you don't pay close attention to the movie, then you will be confused. This isn't a Marvel movie(thank goodness). This isn't just a movie, it is an event.

User rating: March 29, 2024

I must be weird but I dont get it. The effects were good but the story and plot? I thought it was just stupid.