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Downton Abbey

User rating: 4.42 135 Reviews | Write a Review

In Theaters: September 20, 2019

On DVD/Blu-ray: December 17, 2019

PG | Drama | 2h 2m

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User rating: 4.42

Based on 416 votes and 135 reviews.

  • User rating: 296 76.29%
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  • User rating: 26 6.70%
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User rating: October 4, 2019

An absolute fresh breeze after way too many "action-terror" car crash films endlessly shown month after month

User rating: October 3, 2019

My husband and I loved every minute of this movie. We were sorry when it ended.

User rating: October 3, 2019

As good as the series and well worth the wait!

User rating: October 3, 2019

beautiful! for 2 hours they stayed true to the characters..a truly ensemble movie in which they got character involved. plot had to be simple it was only a 2 hour movie. I think you had to be a fan of the series to truly enjoy and appreciate this wonderful show.

User rating: October 3, 2019

There was so much going on that I would call this a super-charged episode of the show. It was an episode, but an extra amazing one!

User rating: October 3, 2019

my husband and I absolutely loved the series - the movie was beautiful to look at and we love the cast - but were very disappointed because was a very weak/ almost nonexistent plotline.. I totally hate to say husband was bored especially for the first half hour.. even though we are very devoted fans. - We were expecting much more from Julian Fellows in this movie. But we do know people who just loved it - (we can;t figure that out!)

User rating: October 3, 2019

Amazing Movie, I saw the whole series, & it’s Fabulous!!!! Love it!!!

User rating: October 2, 2019

Blimey, a real gem. Superb acting, costumes, era placement...just great. Kinda opens a window of what the upper snobby elite upper class were possibly like, and then the servants maids et al and their interaction with the Kings servants pecking order and the Brits love of their King. The King back then was Jesus coming to earth. Lots of verbal snipes between all and no F...words. Amazing, it can be done. Slow but great mini stories.

User rating: October 2, 2019

I think it was a super movie I enjoyed everything about it It was entertaining and for a change no F... bombs. Well played everyone and lots of good humour

User rating: October 1, 2019

Just terrific - superb acting! - fabulous writing ! Better than expected - tv series though to equal or beat - they did it!