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Domestic Disturbance

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User rating: 1.66

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User rating: January 19, 2006

i liked the movie. i saw it in TBS ch. 47 last night. i watched half of it and i totally understood what was going on. also, Matt O`Leary was awesome! =sammy=

User rating: August 2, 2005

I liked that movie too! Vince Vaughn is totally hot. John Travolta should have done a better job thought.

User rating: June 15, 2002


User rating: May 7, 2002

preety cool. john travolta is hott and it was pretty entertaining

User rating: March 2, 2002

Typical..lets hurry up and make a movie so we can all make some money!! Did nothing for me.

User rating: January 8, 2002

An amazing movie, Travolta still shines and the boy did well too. So much suspence and boy was I thrilled!

User rating: November 27, 2001

I liked it - kb

User rating: November 26, 2001

Very entertaining..kept you on the edge of your seat

User rating: November 24, 2001

filled with agood plot and terrific acting but I don t think I even got the seat at the theater warm. What s the deal. I hope John didn t get paid by the hour on this one.

User rating: November 20, 2001

I loved the movie, and Matt is soooooooo Hot!