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In Theaters: February 18, 2022

On DVD/Blu-ray: May 10, 2022

PG-13 | Comedy | 1h 30m

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User rating: 4.1

Based on 102 votes and 30 reviews.

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User rating: March 13, 2022

Funny moments and very serious and adult moments as well as sexual displays not for kids. This movie does drag in the middle but cleans things up at the end with a nice ending. Like the acting in the movie. The dog human relationship works well here

User rating: March 10, 2022

FINALLY a great animal movie where the dog doesn't die!!!! Very few of them!! I love this! The whole time through the trailer I was debating if I wanted to go see it. I NEEDED to know if the something happens to the dog before I could see it. ahhh

User rating: March 9, 2022

Nice movie. Entertaining

User rating: March 9, 2022

Good story funny parts had its moments wish it was a little longer

User rating: March 9, 2022

I liked the portrayals by Canning Tatum and Lulu of PTSD in both man and dog. Our vets deserve more help re-entering society. This movie didn’t have much sex or violence. It did have some laughs, but wouldn’t label it a comedy. Maybe could have had a little better writing, but overall I still love it.

User rating: March 8, 2022

It was better than CUJO, simply because it didn't have an annoying kid crying through the whole movie like CUJO did.

User rating: March 5, 2022

I absolutely love Chantum Tatum, so I can’t say anything negative about this movie. The awareness of PTSD is so debilitating. Lou Lou (Dog) was awesome! Dogs are amazing! Dog just needed some time to warm up to Chantum. All in all, a fantastic movie.

User rating: March 5, 2022

Didn't show realistic dog care essentials...My biggest fear is that potential dog owners will want this super intelligent & high energy breed,& not be able to commit to its mental & physical needs for action. Acting was very good portraying the unseen traumas of war for man & dog. Enough laughs to balance all.

User rating: February 27, 2022

It had some real life scenes and some very sad ones. It is not a comedy and young children wouldn’t understand it and it does have some adult language. Tear jerky. 💧😭

User rating: February 27, 2022

Good movie but no where near a comedy. While there are some chuckle worthy scenes it is an emotional ride of healing for both the dog and the veteran. Worth seeing for sure but don't expect to be crying with laughter...but tears will fall.