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Che (Roadshow Edition)

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User rating: June 21, 2009


User rating: April 22, 2009

GO SEE IT..GO SEE IT kick ass

User rating: April 22, 2009

a movie to see, the actor who played CHE was phenomenal. amazing portrayal

User rating: April 22, 2009

wow amazing

User rating: April 22, 2009

This was an amazing documentary. and che is not a cold blooded murderer i suggest you go read a book or two. Better yet go look at the government in south American and even USA and there are cold blooded government that hide behind their title and kill people for nothing. Che is a force that was good and had amazing concepts and values and wanted to free the world of the USA.

User rating: April 9, 2009

um, yeah you werent there, yeah.... Che was a latin american who was tired of seeing the locals perish and live in poverty at the hands of all capitalist governments, so um yeah, if you didnt live there you dont know. He is a HERO for a reason, he had great values and he left Cuba at the request of Fidel because he didnt agree with Russian Communist values. He believed all people should rule their own lands and help each other (others like them) with knowledge not MONEY. He wanted for Cubans and all latin americans and all repressed countrymen to work together and sustain each and every one of their people and control their resources. Not allow corrupt government heads to kill and

User rating: March 11, 2009

Che was also a cold blooded killer as many revolutionary idealists tend to be. The film should have documented this aspect of his character too.