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Captain Marvel

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In Theaters: March 7, 2019

On DVD/Blu-ray: June 11, 2019

PG-13 | Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi | 2h 4m

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User rating: 2.28

Based on 2590 votes and 374 reviews.

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User rating: March 9, 2019

Don’t believe the hype! Bruuuuuutally uneventful, despite the polished reviews.

User rating: March 9, 2019

was boring. nice visual effects as always.

User rating: March 9, 2019

After all the controversy, this movie can be best summed up as..a bore, not horrible but not up to Marvel standards. Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers is simply a bland character we're all made to think we should root for while she sleepwalks through the movie. Set in the 90's, we're introduced to her in flashbacks seeing her fall to earth with no memory and later as air force pilot learning to use her powers against evil shape shifting aliens called skrulls. The feminist slant sometimes borders on ridiculous, we're told that Carol has been held back (cue flashbacks to traumatic events of men telling her she'll never succeed) and kept her from using her "true power" while never really explaining what they are or how she got them(an outer space explosion of some kind). the high points are of course Sam Jackson and her cat (yes..he does steal every scene he's in). There is little to be found here that had anything to do with the upcoming Avengers Endgame except a a brief after credits scene set in present day. It's an ok time waster if one has low expectations but in no way a "must see" catch it at home.

User rating: March 9, 2019

Disappointing, I was very excited about this movie. Now I feel robbed. Captain Marvel is so bad, that I am certain the character will ruin END GAME,

User rating: March 9, 2019

RT deleted 54,000 negative reviews from the subscriber published list. Not trolls, or fanboys, but people who like to review movies. They inflated this dog from a low 29% to a recent 50% while keeping the "critic" score at 81%. Movie reviews are bought and paid for, and you can see it in the fanboy comments below, and I'm sure, above as well. There used to be over 200 comments on this movie and they have been censored. Take that for it's worth. It's mediocre at best, tripe at worst. Personally, I thought it was badly cast, and tacky.

User rating: March 9, 2019

Predictable. I thought it would be bloodier.

User rating: March 8, 2019

It's joke

User rating: March 8, 2019

Although it seems to be a story-driven heroine flick. It is pretty entertaining, funny at times & best of all, packed with quite a punch* Seems a little stupid when Nick Fury plays with the cat, it blinded his eye? Duh* The part where Miss Marvel crash landed in a "BLOCKBUSTER VIDEOS" store, what exactly is the point? You don't think I know this movie is a prequel to all MCU movies? Duh* Anyway, still a BLAST^^^ Quite worthwhile* Just wait 'til Miss Marvel joins the main Avenger roster.. Hell YEAH^^^^^^

User rating: March 8, 2019

Next Carol Danvers is Eiza González

User rating: March 8, 2019

Saw it last night and I really enjoyed it. Such a 90's throwback and old school. Had a chuckle at the references , then cried because I'm old. LOL. Go see it for yourself.