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Blade: Trinity

User rating: 3.89 107 Reviews | Write a Review

In Theaters: December 8, 2004

R | Action, Adventure, Horror, Thriller | 1h 46m

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User rating: 3.89

Based on 13587 votes and 107 reviews.

  • User rating: 9366 68.98%
  • User rating: 252 1.86%
  • User rating: 209 1.54%
  • User rating: 544 4.01%
  • User rating: 3206 23.61%

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User rating: June 26, 2009

this movie was awfull. very very very weak. the whole movie was a joke. blade 1 and 2 are awesome movies. blade trinity wasnt even related to the other ones because blade trinity was just flat out embarassing!!!!!!!!

User rating: March 12, 2007

action packed and very entertaining.. 4 starz

User rating: May 27, 2006

Loved this movie - especially Dominic Purcell. Nice not to see a vampire in evening wear, but a warrior, which is what a vampire really is.

User rating: April 30, 2006

super film looove ryan

User rating: February 12, 2006

It was a great movie. I like the vampires mostly in it. They make up the best part of the movie. Some of the vampires they played were cute. So that was all I had to say about this movie. And my favorite actors, like the guy that plays John Doe. He Is so sexy. How did he get an acting position like this?

User rating: February 7, 2006

Blade was so awsome it alot of action in it. and Ryan is the hottest man on the face of the plant.

User rating: June 8, 2005

Since I`ve read some bad reviews, I thought it would disapoint since this is a Blade movie and I love the first two so I gave it a chance and suprise, suprise, it`s suprisingly pretty good. The actors are pretty good,likeable characters, excellent special effects and a pretty decent storyline and if there is any weak point in this movie is that it is Drake. I`m not saying I hate him but he`s suppose to be the father of all vampires and he would`ve been a great villian if the director used him to do more evil things and to show how powerful he is and if that would`ve happened in the movie, I would`ve given this movie a 5 but it`s a four becaus

User rating: June 7, 2005

This one was better than the second one. The second one could have move action and not so much computeriesd.

User rating: May 6, 2005

pretty good - the first 2 were better

User rating: May 4, 2005

Awesome body...Ryan is a dream...