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Black Knight

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User rating: 3.04

Based on 752 votes and 21 reviews.

  • User rating: 245 32.71%
  • User rating: 162 21.63%
  • User rating: 27 3.60%
  • User rating: 11 1.47%
  • User rating: 304 40.59%

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User rating: August 17, 2005

dude this is the best movie i have ever seen man its sooooo cool man there should be a second one of this movie thats how good it is

User rating: June 22, 2002

I loved it, I hope they do another one. I`ll buy it on dvd. it is fun to watch again and again to get things you missed the first time.

User rating: February 19, 2002

It was very funny I liked it but it could have been better Martin was doing his thing and I like that

User rating: January 17, 2002

not so funny, no really,....~~:::

User rating: January 15, 2002

This movie is very niece! i like it

User rating: January 5, 2002

I think the movie is great. Lots of laughs. It was definatly worth it!

User rating: December 18, 2001

it s funny, i like it

User rating: December 16, 2001

I thought it was bad

User rating: December 16, 2001

it was the greateestt thing i ever saw

User rating: December 2, 2001

it was entertaining, pretty funny at times.