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In Theaters: July 21, 2023

On DVD/Blu-ray: October 17, 2023

PG-13 | Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy | 1h 54m

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User rating: 3.51

Based on 702 votes and 221 reviews.

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User rating: March 8, 2024

and raising up women without putting men down - wish men could do that

User rating: March 7, 2024

Love Barbie.

User rating: March 7, 2024

So good.

User rating: March 7, 2024

I disliked all of the adult connotations and the fact that so many parents had their little girls dressed up to see a "Barbie" movie, only to see so many adult references, like "jack off" and whatever. My friend and I went to see it, since we both had Barbie dolls years ago. I felt like getting in front of the theater to stop the movie to tell all the moms with young children to get them out of the theater.

User rating: March 7, 2024

Wonderful movie

User rating: December 23, 2023

Barbie finally reached the big screen and with her extreme beauty and long legs she's an expanse of gorgeousity that glistens and gleams in the warm pink sunshine with a hot lemonade core. Margot Robbie scorches.

User rating: October 27, 2023

It displays men as stupid, this is just wrong.

User rating: October 11, 2023

They are bunch of toys "living" in Barbie Land ruled by Barbie's. Of course issues of patriarchy would be brought up and "horses". Great casting, hidden jokes. Barbie says she is no longer pretty - Helen Mirren "Note to producer - casting Margo Robbie - not pretty". Can't wait for "Hot Wheels" and/or "Major Matt Mason" movies.

User rating: October 1, 2023

Omgggg so slay I love it slay

User rating: September 28, 2023

An airhead movie. They inserted a lot of stuff about the sisterhood and the patriarchy to give it some substance, but it's still a stupid movie. I did like the dance party at Barbie's house. I should have left after that scene.