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In Theaters: April 5, 2023

On DVD/Blu-ray: September 12, 2023

R | Drama, Sports | 1h 52m

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User rating: 3.76

Based on 74 votes and 21 reviews.

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User rating: May 24, 2023

I get that people are digging wayyy to deep into this and commenting about child labour etc, but that is NOT what this is about, so why rate based on how shoes are made? Based on the merits of the movie, I thought there were some really funny moments and I thought Adidas would sue them for how they were portrayed commenting the owner was a Hitler youth etc... Truly this was the deal of the century which changed a major segment of the sports apparel industry and even though you know the outcome, I was really waiting for it to turn positive as it did feel like the deal was never going to happen. I was starting to think that Jordan signed with Adidas or Cons and breached contract and signed with Nike later. I was not too sure. I love movies which also say how the characters ended up. And the guy who developed the shoe literally did it over a weekend???? I'm a runner and I laughed a bit about the "running jokes" pun intended. Viola Davis (calm and knowing she held the upper hand and knew her son's worth) and the guy who made the shoes and the iconic silhouette stole the movie along with the guy who was the agent. I say worth watching,

User rating: May 6, 2023

A well done big money Hollywood piece with absolutely no artistic value what-so ever. Even the story is mundane and barely worth knowing as telling unless your into the high-priced over paid pro sports thing. In the end like all the big money sports ads it just makes regular folks stuff more expensive. This movie just shows why we pay 100+ bucks for a pair of sneakers. Will they do another about Gillette and why we pay 30 bucks for a pack of razor blades so we can shave? No wonder so many guys these days wear beards, must be so soccer stars can get rich. Save your money and by a pack of razor blades.

User rating: May 5, 2023

Great story, loved it. And no CGI or 15 minute long, city destroying super hero fight scenes. Loved it

User rating: April 28, 2023

I was pleasantly surprised by this movie. Not knowing the background story of Air Jordans, this was a fun movie to watch.

User rating: April 22, 2023

Everything about this movie is absolutely awesome

User rating: April 15, 2023

Well done. Although we know how it winds up for Michael Jordan, I still found I was wanting Matt Damon's character to get the deal, and l wanted the others he knew to believe in him more. Was so glad that he got to show them up. And love that in real life, it was because of Michael's mom holding on to ensure that he rec'v a % of all future Air Jordan sales, good on her!

User rating: April 14, 2023

An ok movie , not sure of the historical accuracy of it though. A biopic of Jordans life would be a lot more interesting than the shoe deal he made in my opinion .

User rating: April 14, 2023

A big advertisement for NIKE

User rating: April 14, 2023

Very good. Never knew the story before.

User rating: April 11, 2023

I haven't enjoyed a movie in a long time until I saw this. Loved the 1980's environment! Fabulous acting and I'm going to go see it again. Entertainment in a great story!