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A Bigger Splash

User rating: 2.45 12 Reviews | Write a Review

In Theaters: May 4, 2016

R | Drama, Thriller | 2h 4m

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User rating: 2.45

Based on 22 votes and 12 reviews.

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User rating: April 27, 2020

Boring. Tedious. Stupid. Unbelievable. Annoying. Turned it off half way thru. Hated it. Hate hate hated it.

User rating: August 29, 2016


User rating: July 17, 2016

Beautiful film with first rate actors make this time very well spent! I love the European sensibilities, subtleties and symbolism. Those who get the density and complexity of relationships and how they can intertwine will also enjoy this movie. Loved it and left us asking, commenting and talking.

User rating: July 2, 2016

Hard not to enjoy Ralph Fiennes in this film, something wonderful about his clothes and presence... has some pretty funny lines as well though no one in the theater was laughing... at times, gorgeously shot... especially the more sensual scenes.... the type of film that should be in oscar consideration if oscars went to the actual best films... go check it out...

User rating: June 27, 2016

To the person who mentioned Hannah and Hanks in the original - that was Splash - not even the same movie - perhaps you thought Dakota was a mermaid with legs????? This movie was slow and suspenseful - not a comedy by any means.

User rating: June 16, 2016

It was the dullest, most insipid movie I've seen in a long time. Some said it got better after a dull start, but this getting better hadn't started after 30 minutes, and that's was when I left.

User rating: June 15, 2016

Picturesque Italian scenery, lush cinematography, and just enough plot tension make A Bigger Splash watchable from start to finish.

User rating: June 15, 2016

I'm not really sure what it all means, but it is gorgeous to look at, and rather entertaining.

User rating: June 6, 2016

the start was too slow, I nearly left after 15 minutes; glad to have stayed. Ralph Fiennes was the reason I wanted to see the movie and he was exceptionally good (in fact always perfect for any role). And who would not like to watch Matthias Schoenaerts! He always chooses characters who are psychologically or emotionally abused by others. I wish to see him playing other differents characters soon. As to Miss Johnson, she is sooo beautiful and her eyes (or the way she looks may be) remind so much of her mom (the beautiful Melanie Griffith); she must be very proud of her daughter.

User rating: June 1, 2016

Worst movie since "Hail Caesar". At least there some laughs. This long and drawn out drink of water was a bore. Don't waste your money