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In Theaters: April 12, 2013

PG-13 | Drama | 2h 8m

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User rating: 4.35

Based on 134 votes and 40 reviews.

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User rating: September 12, 2020

I missed this movie when it first came out ; Glad that I was able to catch it on the big screen now. Boseman & Ford were both great. Each displayed "character" & dignity when lesser men would have crumbled. But, by maintaining self-control (in spite of all the shunning & verbal abuse), Robinson would gain the respect by all(almost). One of the most significant dialogs was when Rickey(Ford) explains to Robinson(Boseman) what he would have to contend with (all kinds of abuse), if he accepts a position in the "Majors", & that, HE would have to be above it all.. A movie "Moves" you through your emotions whether it be laughing , crying, tension, or anger at injustice. This movie did it. NOTE: For all non-movie goers (though I don't know why you would be reading this if you're not a movie goer), you cannot capture at home, the absorbing qualities of a BIG SCREEN, SURROUND SOUND, in a darkened theater. You just can't ! RH

User rating: August 1, 2013

Great movie.

User rating: July 25, 2013

Great movie, touching and heart warming. It will make you laugh a little, cheer a lot and even cry.

User rating: July 22, 2013

I almost forgot how racist this country is until this reminded me again. I really don"t think its gotten any better. The movies depicts that life story in an incredible light. The only other movie that pissed me off because of the unrightousness was Brave Heart.

User rating: July 17, 2013

great movie with some stellar performances. What an inspiration!

User rating: July 15, 2013

very well made film...amazing story

User rating: June 27, 2013

As a sports fan I really enjoyed the movie.

User rating: June 22, 2013

I'm a Canadian of Chinese descent. My parents suffered racial discrimination when they arrived. Fortunately, the younger generation in Canada now seem to accept other ethnic groups.

User rating: June 21, 2013

As a Canadian, I regret to say that we still have bigots and prejudiced citizens in Canada. This is particularly true in provinces like Saskatchewan.

User rating: May 30, 2013

Wonderful film. Should be required viewing for high school students. The use of the "N" word is disturbing of course, but it reflected the time and spectacular challenge of Robinson...a definite hero and brave individual (not to mention his wife). My only disappointment with this film was Ford's performance. The constant strained expression on his face made him look like he had gas the whole time.