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Date Of Birth: October 3, 1973

Neve Campbell's Time has come -- Time Magazine that is. In 1995, that publication dubbed the actress as "TV's most believable teenager" for her role in Party of Five. In 1998, she landed on the cover of Time's Canadian Edition. Campbell's been performing for most of her life, but in a few short years she became one of the 'it' girls in Hollywood.

Life for Campbell began in Guelph, Ontario. Although her parents split up shortly after she was born, they both remained active in her life and supported her decision to take up ballet lessons after the six-year-old was enraptured following a performance of The Nutcracker. Three years later she was accepted into the prestigious National Ballet of Canada where she studied for five years before, she says, "I basically had a nervous breakdown."

But that didn't slow her down much as she won a role in the Toronto production of The Phantom of the Opera at 15, becoming the youngest member of that cast. She stayed with the production for two years and 800 performances.

She followed that up with some Canadian TV and film work before heading south of the border. Within weeks of arriving in Los Angeles she beat out 300 other hopefuls for the role in a pilot being shot for the Fox network's Party of Five. The rest, as they say, is history, as Party went on to huge popularity, turning Campbell into a star. About that popular TV show she now says, "Like any job, you do it long enough and it becomes tedious. And although I love my show, it is somewhat tedious playing my character. There are only so many plot lines in the world, and we've done them all."

However, when the show ended in 2000, Campbell seemed to drop from the public eye. During the show, she'd had enormous success with the feature film Scream, appearing in two sequels, but her subsequent films were largely ignored at the box office. She co-wrote her own screenplay, The Company (2003), about the inner workings of a dance company. Campbell also stars in the film, directed by Robert Altman, which made its debut at the Toronto Film Festival. Married to actor Jeff Colt on April 3, 1995, the marriage ended in divorce in 1998. Since then, she has dated Matthew Lillard, John Cusack, Billy Burke and Pat Mastroianni. She has two brothers, Alex and Christian, who are also successful actors.


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