Michael Eklund

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Date of Birth: July 31, 1962

Many fans might recognize Michael Eklund as the creepy doorman from the Al Pacino movie 88 minutes. However, behind that good looking Ethan Hawke doppelganger exterior lays a talented and extremely diverse actor.

Known for playing dark and edgy roles, Eklund is strongly and quickly becoming a household name in Canada.

In addition to guest appearances on popular TV series such as Supernatural, Smallville and Fringe, he has an impressive list of supporting roles in feature films, including The Entrance, Walk All Over Me and The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.

Born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Eklund studied to be an artist at the prestigious Alberta College of Art. It wasn’t until he met actor/writer Megan Bennett, who would become his wife, that he dropped out in order to pursue his passion for acting.

Although his resumé boasts over 100 credits, Eklund admits he doesn’t pick and choose which scripts he would like to work on—he'll take any job offered. However, with each role he plays, he adds a new twist to the character, saying, “What I do is try to play the role in a way that I haven’t played before. If I’m playing something where I’m revisiting something similar, then I try to attack it and approach it in a different way.”

Recognized in the film and television industry as a character actor, Eklund continues to wow audiences and critics with his versatility, often adding a subtle comedic tone in his performances, even when they deal with dark subject matter.

"I always think the darker the subject matter is, the more humor it’s going to need; because you need those moments as a breath of fresh air, to take the audience out of how drastic and intense it is. And then the more humorous the project is, the more serious I play it. That’s my trick. Never play the comedy, never play the seriousness; do the complete opposite."

Eklund played a serial killer alongside Halle Berry and Abigail Breslin in the thriller The Call. More recently, he played a starring role as Gus in the 2017 release Stegman is Dead.


Stegman is Dead (2017)
Into the Forest (2016)
Mr. Right (2016)
Vendetta (2015)
3 Days in Havana (2014)
The Call (2013)
Bailout: The Age of Greed (2013)
Primary (2012)
Three Days in Havana (2012)
The Marine: Homefront (2013)
Errors of the Human Body (2012) Alcatraz (2012)
Ferocious (2012)
The Day (2011)
Sisters & Brothers (2011)
Tactical Force (2011)
The Divide (2011)
Pressed (2011)
Hunt to Kill (2010) Guido Superstar: The Rise of Guido (2010)
Gunless (2010)
The Final Storm (2010)
The Making of Plus One (2010) The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (2009)
Watchmen (2009)
Messages Deleted (2009)
Inconceivable (2008)
Walk All Over Me (2007)
Postal (2007)
Seed (2007)
88 Minutes (2007)
When A Man Falls in the Forest (2007)
In the Name of the King : A Dungeon Siege Tale (2007)
The Entrance (2006)
The Final Experiment (2005)
House of the Dead (2003)
Stark Raving Mad (2002)
Blackwoods (2001)