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Date of Birth: September 29, 1968

British actor Luke Goss entered the spotlight in 1986 when he teamed up with his twin brother Matt Goss and schoolmate Craig Logan to create the British boy band Bros. Goss had five successful years with the band in which they completed two world tours, had 13 hit singles and three albums.

Because they were underage when the band was signed to a record label, their parents had signed the contract, which allowed the record company to take their cut straight from the top, leaving the band members virtually no income. The band broke up and Luke started another band. Eventually, he moved to Los Angeles where he wrote an autobiography called I Owe You Nothing, which was a top ten best seller for several weeks. In L.A. Goss caught the acting bug when he starred in the theater production Plan 9 from Outer Space. He went on to act in the West End revival of the musical Grease playing the lead role of Danny Zuko, then toured with the production.

In 2000, Goss was offered his first Hollywood film, Two Days, Nine Lives, and since then the offers haven't stopped. Goss' most notable role would be villain Jared Nomak in the box office hit Blade II. He played in several more movies before starring opposite Samuel L. Jackson and Eugene Levy in The Man (2005).

Goss played opposite Ron Perlman and Selma Blair, in the adventure comedy Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008), in which Hellboy and his team try to save the world from mythical creatures.

Goss also starred in Tekken (2009), an action-packed fantasy film, as well as executive producing Street starring Vivica A. Fox and Rachel Miner.

Goss is married to Shirley Lewis and is the stepfather of Shirley's daughter, Carli. They live most of the year in Los Angeles but also have a home in London, England.


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