Jon Abrahams

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Date of Birth: October 29, 1977

This New York, N.Y. native never intended to have a career in front of the cameras. "I wasn't looking to be a professional actor. I just sort of fell into all of that," he has said. Abrahams got his start in the film Kids when he was only 16 years old. He had been working in a club where they were filming and was hoping to work as the director's assistant. Instead he was offered the chance to read for a part and won a small role.

His small part in Kids led to a call from an agent and a role in the film Dead Man Walking, starring Hollywood heavyweights Sean Penn and Susan Sarandon. Abrahams found the experience of working on the film to be thrilling and decided to pursue acting as a profession.

Small films followed, but it was a role in the summer 2000 blockbuster Scary Movie that gave Abrahams some much needed exposure and a building buzz in the industry. In Meet The Parents, he played the son of movie-icon Robert DeNiro's character. "I grew up in the neighborhood he lives in, so he's always been kind of the neighborhood hero. So I was always aware of his presence as an actor and a personality."

Since then, he's appeared in films such as My Boss's Daughter (2003) with Ashton Kutcher and House of Wax (2005) with Paris Hilton.

Abrahams likes to create hip-hop music when he's not working on a film.


Bottom's Up (2006)
Prime (2005)
House of Wax (2005)
What Are the Odds (2004)
Standing Still (2004)
My Boss's Daughter (2003)
They (2002)
Mourning Glory (2001)
Scenes of the Crime (2001)
Texas Rangers (2001)
Meet the Parents (2000)
Scary Movie (2000)
Boiler Room (2000)
Bringing Out the Dead (1999)
Outside Providence (1999)
The Faculty (1998)
Masterminds (1997)
Dead Man Walking (1995)
Kids (1995)