Chris Sivertson

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Writer/director Chris Sivertson began his film career as an actor playing the role of "Nutglass" in the little-known short film Evil Demon Golfball from Hell (1996). In 2001 he co-wrote and co-directed the straight-to-video horror/comedy All Cheerleaders Must Die.

Next, he co-directed the documentary Toolbox Murders: As It Was (2003), but it was never released. Ditto The Lost (2005), based on the novel by Jack Ketchum, though it screened at film festivals.

Sivertson tried his hand at comedy next, with The Best of Robbers (2006), starring his co-writer/co-director, Eddie Steeples, but unfortunately, the film has not been released to date.

Despite his run of bad luck, he managed to get signed to helm Sony Pictures' thriller I Know Who Killed Me (2007), starring Lindsay Lohan.


I Know Who Killed Me (2007)
The Best of Robbers (2006)
The Lost (2005)